Meridies was founded in 2000 as a Business Development Company, aiming not only at providing seed and growth capital to emerging companies, but also at building those companies.

Meridies takes advantage on the technological and managerial skills of its team to help its Partner Companies in their startup phase, outsourcing all the overhead related to financial, administrative, legal, accounting, marketing, human resources and logistic tasks.

The combined power of its collective resources is pivotal to Meridies business approach. Through Meridies, Partner Companies have access to an array of business talent and expertise that would otherwise not be available to them. They can therefore accelerate their development and maximise their growth potential becoming leading service providers and establishing a presence in the markets of high tech services, productive processes, distribution and sales.

Meridies focus is in Italy with a medium term plan to expand in other European countries.

Meridies headquarters are in Cagliari, Italy.

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