News and Press

February 22 2023
Milan, Italy
Fondo Italiano d’Investimento SGR and Eulero Capital have signed a binding agreement to enter the capital of HNH Hospitality by acquiring an equity stake from Siparex funds.
March 18 2022
Rome, Italy
Poste Italiane through Poste Welfare Servizi acquires 70% of Plurima , a provider of healthcare logistics and document management services. The transaction is based on a total enterprise value of €130 million.
December 3 2021
Milano, Italia
Datrix , a technology group operating in the sectors of big data analysis, artificial intelligence and machine learning, has been admitted to trading its ordinary shares on the Euronext Growth segment of the Italian Stock Exchange with ticker DATA and ISIN code IT0005468357.
February 14 2020
Milan, Italy
Assiteca acquires 100% of 6Sicuro share capital, of which it already held 21%. The price of the transaction, explains Assiteca in a note, "implies a company valuation of 11.0 million euros which corresponds to 11 times the expected EBITDA in 2020".
February 4 2020
Milan, Italy
Rocket Baby launches its first TV commercial that for several months will be screened on Mediaset TV channels. The commercial focuses on ultra-modern babies, capable as in a fairy tale to navigate the internet like adults, albeit newborns.
March 25 2019
London, UK
Savurè opens a new Lasagna Bar in the Old Spitalfields market, an old market in the heart of the City of London recently refurbished and enlarged and located just a few minutes walk from Liverpool Street station.
March 12 2019
Cagliari, Italy
CRS4 researchers and Luigi Filippini are invited speakers at Radio X to discuss about the first 30 years of wold wide web for the Web@30 event proposed by Sir Tim Berners-Lee of CERN in Geneva.
January 10 2019
Milan, Italy
Siparex Investimenti 2 and Siparex Mid Cap 3, acquire a minority stake in Plurima , a company active in the provisioning of health logistics services, transport, administrative outsourcing and document management, through an investment of up to 9 million euros.
September 4 2018
Milan, Italy
6Sicuro and Chiarezza are now part of the same company. Chiarezza becomes a division of 6Sicuro Spa and will continue its growth and development path in the insurance comparison sector. BlackFin Capital Partners, the French Private Equity fund specialized in financial services, becomes the new majority shareholder.
May 15 2018
Turin, Italy
Savurè opens a new restaurant in Turin, Via Madama Cristina, in the historic district of San Salvario. Reteconomy, channel 512 on Sky, interviews the company's administrator .
February 14 2017
Milan, Italy
Siparex Investments 2 and Siparex Mid Cap 2, invest in HNH Hotels & Resorts Spa , leader in multibrand hotel management, founded in 1965 with a portfolio of more than ten business hotels and resorts located in northern Italy.
December 9 2016
London, UK
Savurè expands in England with a new restaurant . The restaurant with pasta factory is located in Shoreditch at 20 Paul Street, in the hearth of the East End of London and close to the financial district.
May 4 2016
Milan, Italy
Siparex Investments 2 and Siparex MidCap II invested together in Bracchi Srl , logistics company specialized in the transport of elevators, escalators and agricultural machinery.
October 21 2015
Milan, Italy
Siparex Investments 2 acquires 21.5% of Buona Compagnia Gourmet company producing potato dumplings, spätzle, ready-made sauces and gastronomic products. With production facilities in Quinto di Treviso and Savona, Buona Compagnia Gourmet sells its products both with private label, and with the brands “Patamore”, “Antica Ricetta” and “Il Tuo Chef”.
September 14 2015
Cagliari, Italy
Meridies acquires the majority of Diario Sportivo and becomes an active part in the relaunch of the well-known online sports magazine that since 2010 covers soccer at 360° with a special focus on amateur championships.
July 10 2014
Pula, italy
CRS4 , Centre for Advance Studies, Research and Development in Sardinia, will be chaired by Luigi Filippini. The Center, founded by the Nobel Prize for Physics Carlo Rubbia in 1990, promotes the study, development and application of innovative solutions to problems coming from natural, social and industrial environments.
July 9 2014
Milan, Italy
Fondo Italiano and Siparex co-invested in Siparex Investimenti 2 , investment fund dedicated to italian SMEs. Luigi Filippini of Meridies nominated in the Experts Committee that will analyse and discuss investment proposals.
February 4, 2014
Milan, Italy
United Ventures announces its second closing at over €50 million. The transaction is backed by the European Investment Fund (EIF), Europe’s leading venture and growth capital investor.
December 19, 2013
Turin, Italy
In the central via Garibaldi in Turin opens Savuré , a new venue dedicated to homemade pasta. It is the first restaurant in a format intended to be replicated in other locations both in Italy and abroad.
May 5, 2012
Milan, Italy
Meridies participates in the creation of JV2 Capital (now United Ventures ), a venture capital fund that invests in innovative companies with high growth potential.
March 25, 2011
Milan, Italy
6Sicuro , the online insurance broker, announces new shareholders.
June 25, 2010
Cagliari, Italy
Meridies presents Energit case history at the Mind the Bridge Italy Tour 2010 .
March 31, 2009
Cagliari, Italy
Bank of Italy report on italian productive system perspectives, Meridies attends to the roundtable hosted by Dipartimento di Economia and Crenos .
July 4, 2008
Pula, Italy
At the opening of Sardegna DistrICT technical labs , Meridies partecipates at the roundtable: "The role of venture capitalists in the scouting and development of innovative ideas" moderatated by Emil Abirascid .
May 30 2008
Porto Cervo, Italy
Meridies attends the first convention of Banca Popolare dell'Emilia Romagna Consumer Division .
May 20 2008
London, UK
Meridies partecipates to the Travel Distribution Summit Europe 2008 at the Business Design Center in London.