The rapid pace of change characterising today's world is a function of knowledge and connectivity. Consequently, Meridies believes that, in order to succeed in this new business environment, it is imperative to take a lead in the process of change, by focusing on these factors. The challenge at hand is to manage a successful integration in today's networked economy, as future growth will require to compete successfully against global technologies, talent and business resources.

To achieve this, Meridies is structured as a knowledge-based, connected and highly-focused organisation of companies, while maintaining an unflinching emphasis on the long term vision - to be among the leading business groups, in terms of technology, knowledge and product and process innovation.

Meridies management has a strong experience in managing businesses related to cutting edge technology and software development, as well as handling regulatory and organizational issues of large projects.

The underlying principles governing all Meridies companies are customer satisfaction and quality. Meridies aims at developing companies meeting the highest global quality standards in the European market.