In order to achieve its vision of being a leading group in advanced technologies, Meridies empowers its Partner Companies by constantly strengthening their knowledge base and encouraging creativity, innovation and enterprise culture.

When starting up a Partner Company, Meridies takes an active role in its activities by providing both strategic guidance and operational support on market positioning, business model development and market trends. In addition, Meridies backs up its Partner Companies management and directors on day-to-day management and operational issues including the provisioning of office space, technical infrastructure and other operational resources.

Meridies management team offers advice, guidance and assistance to the Partner Companies on finding proper industrial partners and investors. This commitment is also in line with the final objective of allowing Partner Companies to generate their worth on the market.

Meridies also provides operational support to Partner Companies with level guidance in areas of expertise that successful companies need and provide access to skilled managers in functional areas such as Sales and Marketing, Recruiting and Human Resources, IT, Finance, Legal and Business Development.