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Privacy Policy pursuant to Article 13 of European Union Regulation No. 679/2016 (GDPR) and consent

Dear Customer,
As provided for by EU Regulation No. 679/2016 (hereinafter GDPR) and Article 13 in particular we would like to inform you that the treatment of your personal information will strictly follow the principles of the aforementioned Act. In particular we adhere to the principles of fairness, lawfulness, transparency and safeguard of your rights and privacy.

Under Article13 of the GDPR we therefore provide you with the following information:

These are the main rights you can exercise in relation to your data, according to the GDPR:

Cookie policy

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small amount of data that is placed in the browser of your computer or on your mobile device.

Why are cookies used?

Web pages have no memory. If you are surfing from page to page within a website, you will not be recognized as the same user across pages. Cookies allow you to be recognized as the same user across the pages of a website. Cookies also allow your choices to be remembered, choices such as the language you prefer, the currency you use and your search criteria. They will also make sure you are recognized when you return to a website.

Do all cookies do the same thing?

No, there are different types of cookies and different ways of using them. Cookies can be categorized according to their function, their lifespan and according to who places them on a website.

How and which cookies are used?

Our website uses the following types of cookie:

How long do cookies stay active?

The cookies we use have varying lifespans. You can erase all cookies from your browser any time you want to by using the appropriate function.

Who has access to cookie data?

Technical cookies setup by our websites can be accessed by the data controller only. Cookies placed by third parties can be accessed by these third parties.

How can you manage your cookie preferences?

Using your browser settings (for example, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox or Chrome), you can set which cookies to accept and which to reject. Where you find these settings depends on which browser you use. Use the "Help" function in your browser to locate the settings you need.